Want to make a passive income and earn Money while you sleep?


Then You Need To Invest In yourself

I have A lot of great Information throughout the site for you to do just that !!

so make sure you take the time to educate that mind of yours

What is My Definition of Passive Income

Creating An Automated Revenue stream, Something You Don't Need To Sacrifice Your Time On Once It Is Running

In other words having multiple online businesses that take advantage of automated systems that create cash flow.

Basically, we don’t trade time for money.

Instead, we do a little bit of work upfront creating awesome products and services. 

Then, when they are optimised with traffic flow, we sit back and watch the dollars roll in.

How Do We Create A Passive Income?  The Main Ones I like to Focus on are

Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Groups, Online Courses, YouTube Videos and CryptoCurrency

These are just the tip of the Iceberg.

 I will Share with you How to make the most of these.

 the thing about Passive Income, is once you have set up the Foundations, all you need to do is drive traffic to them.

what I love about having Multiple Online Business's

They Don't Close, they are open 24/7 

Generating passive income is NOT easy and it takes a lot of hard work.

Everything I have learnt has taught me that to get a passive Income, you need to put in a lot of effort at the start. 

If this scares you or you are after a get rich quick scheme, then I'm going to be honest this information is not for you.

 Many people will try to persuade you to think otherwise. 

Why? Because they’re trying to make money from false hopes. 

That's where I come In I'm here to help you start your journey.

So if you use the lessons I've learned along the way it can make it easier.

That's Why I have created this site, to keep all of the best tools to help and access to the best mentors all under one roof, But I can't force you to take action that’s up to you.

Generating passive income does NOT happen overnight. 

I don’t believe in get-rich-quick schemes. 

They simply don't exist .

There are so many people out there saying you will make 6 figures in a month if you buy this or that. 

Sure, maybe you can if you want to sacrifice your time completely or take advantage of people.

That's not what this is about, this is about supplementing a high paying income and not have to physically trade your time for that income.

Online business can take awhile to grow, but the key thing you need to remember is once it's running it free's up your time to do the things you love, with the people you love.

Generating passive income is NOT impossible

 I was working crazy hours for over 10 years, and passive Income was just a dream . 

Then I took a chance, I Invested in myself to make my dream a reality.

 And you know what? 

The dream came true, and it’s totally awesome! 

I get to stay at home with my family, work when I want, and literally have money coming in while I sleep. 

This lifestyle is possible, and I want you to experience it too.

So, make sure you read through all the great content throughout the site.

I teach you exactly how to get started for Free, then you can create your own website using my how to guide, and you even have access to all of the best software in the resource section

The rest I teach in My Exclusive Email Content and My Online Course where I have over 9 hours of video content for you as well as access to My Private Facebook Group but that can come later.

The whole point is to get started and take action, the key to becoming successful is to constantly learn as you go and keep taking step's forward.

So, Make sure you take the time to invest in yourself by reading plenty of books, you can find the list below.


A website is the first essential of any profitable passive income business done online.

I recommend going with a self-hosted website. You have more control, it looks more professional, and you can truly call it your own. That's why I recommend setting up with Bluehost.


I use Bluehost for all of my websites the reason being I trust them. I love how easy they are to use , they are super reliable and they have a live customer support if I have any questions . You even get a free domain name when you get their Hosting.

I hear horror stories all the time from others dealing with massive hosting headaches. Thankfully, I never have them with Bluehost. Bluehost just works, which gives me amazing peace of mind!

I highly recommend using Bluehost for your first website, and you can get started now at $3.95/month, which is an exclusive deal only available here on Making Money While You Sleep

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The content in my emails is exclusive. 

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I do that because I believe it’s important to start out with a focused, nurturing experience that rewards commitment.

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I cannot wait to help you get started on your Passive Income Journey.



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