Many people think of WordPress is just for blogs, but you can make many different kinds of websites with WordPress,Yes, it is possible to create your own beautiful ecommerce or business website and be up and running within one day with WordPress and the best part is It will save you thousands of dollars because you won't need to hire any designers or programmers you can do it on your own, and without technical skills. WordPress is that easy to set up and maintain. 

Just Follow The Step Below And You Will Have Your Own Website Today

Lets get into it there are 3 things needed to set up your site:

1) Getting high quality and cheap hosting for your website

2) Finding a great domain name for free

3)  Design for your website to make it look like you had a pro do it

Get Hosting And A Free Domain Name

Bluehost is the only hosting service officially recommended by WordPress and has been the number-one recommended hosting service for their platform for almost 10 years.

 What it is hosting and Why is it needed: hosting is the web server that serves up your site when people type your domain name into their browser. 

 Hosting is also only a few dollars a month so it won't break the bank.

I personally use BlueHost. They also have very good phone and online tech support. 

They have a pretty awesome deal when you sign up with them, they give you a free domain name!

 Sign up for web hosting with BlueHost to get a free domain name. 

Jump onto their site, just click the "get started now" link and follow the few steps to register, and get your free domain name and hosting, and you are done!

Guide To Choosing A Good Domain Name

The best kind of a domain name is something like - that looks most professional.

You need to check which domain names are available. 

The tool I use to check available domain names is at Bluehost

Just enter the domain name you want and they will tell you if it is available for purchase.

Tips for choosing a domain. Make sure your domain has the followings:
1) Create relatively short domain names
2) Preferably use a .com domain name
3) Use a domain name that is simple to spell
4) Use a domain name that is easy to remember
5) The domain name should also be easy to pronounce
6) Use a domain name that gives some hint about what you are doing, but is not too specific.
Some things to avoid:
1) Make sure the domain name does not come close to violating trademarks of other companies. For example, do not get a domain name like

2) Do not make your domains too long to match an exact search phrase
3) Do not use dashes in your name like this:
4) Do not use numbers in your domain name (with rare exceptions)
5) Avoid the .biz or .info domain name.


Install WordPress Content Management System With One Click

After you bought your domain name and hosting from BlueHost  

-Got to the Bluehost Dashboard and Install WordPress

- Go to and log in at the "Control Panel Login" on the top right of the page
- Scroll down to the "Software / Services" heading, and click on "Simple Scripts"
- Click on the WordPress icon, choose the latest version of WordPress, and click "Install Now"
- Select a domain name, and leave the "subfolder" box empty
- Give your site a name and a catchy tagline.
- Uncheck the check box next to "Generate Admin Login" if you want to choose your own.
- Choose your Admin user name and password. This will be for logging into your WordPress Dashboard for writing your posts and setting up your blog.
- Keep the "Automatically create a new database" checkbox checked
- Check the legal agreement and click "Complete"

Congratulations! You have just installed WordPress CMS (content management system) to your site which will make it very simple for you to add new pages to your site.

Last Step In Setting Up Your WordPress Website: Design And Themes

WordPress has many free design templates. 

They are usually not bad. But if you would like to have something a little extra that looks professional, you can buy WordPress themes.

 You can easily customize these themes, and they are usually much cheaper than hiring a designer.

 Wordpress themes are typically in the $30-100 which is ridiculously cheap.

By the way, the word theme is what they refer to as design in the WordPress world. 

Just think of theme and design as the same thing.

Take a look at some awesome templates from

 Elegant Themes

Here is how to configure your theme once you chose one:

- Log into your WordPress dashboard at ""
- Click on the "Appearance" tab on the left hand side of the page
- You will see some "available themes" that are free and easy to set up.

 Click on "preview" to see what they look like and what functions they have. 

To set these up all you need to do is click "activate"
- If you don't like any of these themes, then there are more themes available on the Thrive Themes site
- To install these types of themes, go back to your WordPress dashboard and again click on the "Appearance" tab on the left hand side of the page. 

Click on the "Install themes" tab at the top of the page.

 Hit the "upload" link, then hit "browse". 

Find and choose your downloaded theme and then hit "install now"

Congratulations, your theme is now installed and your site is live with nice design and ready for busines


Logo Design For Your WordPress Website

For great and affordable logo designs, check out 99Designs where you can get affordable logo designs or FIVERR

That way you can get a number of Designs made up at an affordable price, it also allows you to focus on creating great content for your Audience

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