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How to Start Affiliate Marketing For Free


Hey Guys I’m Chris Broome and I’m, going to teach you exactly

 How to Start Affiliate Marketing for FREE , 

So, if you are low on funds you can start making steps to having you own online business, Today.

Obviously having a small amount of money to invest helps for things like creating a website and advertising and by having things like this you can get a lot better results

 But I know its hard to part with money when you have bills stacking up so these 5 steps will really help you start your journey , if you implement these strategies you will be so much closer to adding multiple income streams to help you out of any money troubles you may have,


If you had your hesitations on starting a business due to it being too risky


you simply don’t have money to start up a business like FBA or Dropshipping.

 By learning How to start Affiliate Marketing For Free this could very well be the foundations of your new business.

By adding more income streams you can then start to reinvest in yourself and furthering your education, so without hesitation lets get into 

How To Start Affiliate Marketing for Free.

1. Pick a topic

Firstly, you want to pick a topic that you’re interested in that also has a lot of market potential. Think of something that you like, and consider whether there would be many products associated with it or much of an audience. You can find a “niche,” 

 Now you don’t necessarily have to be passionate about this niche or know a lot about it already, you can start with a niche that you have always wanted to learn more about but never had the time, but you may face some hurdles along the way that you may not have had to face if you knew more about the niche in the first place.

It will definitely help if you do have a vested interest in it already because you will be drawn to it and you will have a bit of an understanding of the market, reputable brands and products that people are interested in.

 Not only that,  when it comes to creating content based around your niche you will find it is easier to research and explain more about an industry/niche that you are already apart of. 

That will translate better with your future audience too, everything will flow a lot better from day one and when you're just starting out you don’t want to have the hassle of facing a hurdle before you have even started.

So in my opinon for your first niche I would recommend something you are already interested in so its quicker and easier for you jump on today, it will be easier to focus on the process of creating content, you won’t get hung up on trying to decide on another niche because the profit may be slightly better

For instance you may want to be trying to promote high end luxury makeup, but if your like me I know nothing about high end luxury makeup so I will be spending a lot more time learning as much as I can and basically faking it until I make it.

 It won’t be that much fun for me to be spending all my time researching these products, I will get disheartened because I could have been making some money from day one and I feel more comfortable with something I know a lot about already, but if you go the other path because you wanted to chase the dollars you're still broke and still in research mode.

That’s just my opinion you can very well go the other way of learning a new niche or topic, but just keep in mind you want to become an expert in the field so much so that people are looking for your help and your guidance for that particular niche, and you want to have fun most of all in that niche you don’t want to be all bogged down in something your not happy with so just keep that in mind.

2. Build a website or Start A youtube Channel

Next up, you need to build a website! I thought this would be extremely confusing and difficult, but it really wasn’t. Bluehost and similar sites make it super simple for anyone to build a quality website.  Find products to promote I won't go into detail about that here Because I have a whole page for you on that,  So the next platform to jump onto is YouTube 

Among other social media platforms you want to start a Youtube channel, now let me tell you why you need to do this before choosing products, 

Before you can join any programs or networks that have products to promote, you need to provide them with a website so this is why we want to create a channel in it’s place, if you have the money for the website that’s great you can run both

You want the channel to be appear as its lived in to increase your chances of approval.

Youtube has so many advantages,  you have 1000’s of people searching for answers or reviews on products etc.

So, if you can become a known identity or authority on your niche, everyone will tune in to your channel to learn from you.

 Now normally if you had money  I would say go start a website first, you can can do this for less than $7 a month.

 So, you can store all your products in one place and then direct people from YouTube to the rest of your products that way you are creating target traffic to increase conversions. Now this is all about How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Free so I will get into that in another day.

So YouTube is Free, posting video is completely Free, you don’t have to be on camera if you don’t want to , there are ways around it.

You can show off the product on camera and do a voice over, you could create some kind of slideshow or a clever flatlay, so you don’t have to show your face.

 If you do have some money you can also outsource from places like FIVERR.

 At the start just create the video yourself, and by getting it on YouTube you can get thousands of view on this video, it can get shared to other people, you can get featured on other peoples websites, you can get suggested to other people who are watching similar videos.

So, make sure you jump on and put in 110% on the creative side so it really stands out from the pack, remember its free and it’s on their forever so you can continue to make commissions and increase traffic to other platforms from just the one video.

3. find products

Once you’ve chosen a niche, You'll want to find some products that you can promote. There are websites full of these (called affiliate networks) to browse, and you can find advice here on how to choose the best ones for you. Once you’ve got a couple that are right for you, you’ll be able to get an affiliate link for them.

A great place to start is Amazon Affiliates program or with the Ebay Partners Network

They both have 1000’s of products to promote, they are free to sign up.

You do need paypal and to know your tax information, again it helps to have a website to promote the products on.

Now Amazon is probably the largest affiliate program out there, they have a great selection of products, if you’ve ever seen people on YouTube promoting products or doing a review chances are they have an affiliate link in their description.

If you had trouble picking your niche, the way they have their payment setup is outlined into categories which in effect is a way of breaking down a niche, for example clothing, electronics, luxury makeup.

So jump on over there and sign up to Ebay or Amazon, I personally prefer the ebay network only because of the paypal system so you get paid directly to paypal and for me being in Australia we tend to use Ebay as consumers more than we would Amazon. 

The good thing about these companies is they are great at upselling products to so if someone has clicked your link and they buy anything else in the 24 hour period, you get the commission based on the whole cart not just the one item  which can really add up if they were buying Christmas presents or something like that , they could of gone for a $20 gift then remembered they need to buy for the whole family so it turns out your getting commission on $200 .

Now one thing to clear up is the commissions are pretty comparable for both amazon and Ebay, but the way Ebay writes the commission is a little tricky to understand at first glance it appears you are going to get a big commission like 70% 

But, it's only 70% of the revenue that ebay makes which could be $10 so in affect you get $7 where as amazon just say you get 7% of $100  


Now remember to be accepted by programs like these you need to provide a website or a YouTube channel, they want to know you are able to promote their products to a lot of people.


4. Fill your website with relevant content

Fill your website with content that will be useful to the people who are interested in your niche, and place your affiliate links throughout in the most relevant places. That way when someone interested in your content clicks your link, they go to a sales page for a product that they might also be interested in, and if they buy it you get a commission!

You want to create the content that attracts people who are looking to buy something, because that is what the business is all about making sales and conversions,

  So like everyone else before I buy a product I read and watch reviews about the product,

So you need to sculpt your video to make people decide, yes I need that product,

 You don’t want them to finish watching your video and still be undecided, so by doing a product review where you compare a number of items that are similar in price and build quality and give it a title like "The top 5 cameras for under $1000 2018 ",

 You are targeting people who are ready to spend their money on a camera, they just need to know what's the best one for their money.

 By using a title like that, its very specific, you are weeding out people who are just wondering about cameras, and are focusing in on people who are ready to buy.

You can favour one over the other and then provide links to all of those products, this is a nice strategy so even if you outline the benefits of one over the other, if they decide to choose a different product based on the brand name or something out of your control, they still have your link that they can go through to buy the product.

 Just make sure you direct them to where you have placed these links so it's nice and easy. They get caught up in the emotion of the buying phase and they act on those impulses. 

You want to have your doorway nice and easy for them to walk through, you want to give the direction to the link and prompt them to use your link specifically mention something along the lines of if you want to save some money or to get the lowest price available click the link in the description.

Now they feel like they are getting a deal and you have done them a favour, and usually these places do have deals on so make sure you source out the best price for your audience so your not lying.

 Later on when you have got a website you can use this video on your page which helps boost your content and the look of your website, not only that it keeps them on your page longer for SEO purposes, but that’s another topic in itself.

5. Promote your website

When you’ve set this up, all that’s left to do is promote your website so you can get more people to your content, and more potential for commissions from referred sales. 

There are a lot of different marketing strategies out there, from advertising to social media, 

Now you have awesome content but your not getting people to watch it , so if no one watches the video you don’t get sales, so you need to increase traffic,

There are 2 ways,

 Organically for free, or paid traffic, 

Now I do dive into this deeper in my mentor program but we will cover the basics,

 for quick results you need to pay for traffic but we will just talk about the free method which is a bit of hard work.

You need to build relationships and rapport with Forums, Faceboook Groups and Blog sites.

 Now what you don’t want to do is just start posting links everywhere, you will not get any sale or traffic this way, you need to put in an effort here.


You need to provide a lot of helpful insights, provide knowledge,  people will have questions in your chosen niche, so do your best to provide them with answers.

So you need to help them out as much as possible, when  you become really helpful in these forums or Facebook groups, people will ask for more information or will be open to following a link to a website or your YouTube channel, because you have helped them with such a small problem, you have given your time they will be thankful for that and will support you in return

So basically, you want to give as much as you can for free, then you will start to receive thanks in the form of engagement on your channel or getting conversions.

So one of the biggest takeaways I want you to get from this is never try chasing the dollar always put your audience or potential clients first. By providing a whole bunch of value, you will be rewarded in time just keep at it.

Again time is the key factor for the free methods if you have the time you will be able to start affiliate marketing for free, if you can scrape together some funds for a website, or some paid traffic even if it’s $5 or $10 a day, this will help, 

So consider it in the future.

Ok that about sums it up for How To Start Affiliate Marketing for Free if you want to learn more about it, I have a Free E-Book Available you can get it here

The most important thing is just to get started. Let me give you an example of how this process could go.

Example for Reference

Topic: Weight Loss

Say, for example, I have an interest in weight loss. I’d do some research and in this case, discover that there is a strong market interested in losing weight.  

Build a website: Hosting, domain name, and WordPress

I would then get a hosting provider (a place to put the website on the internet) and a domain name (the name for the website), and then install WordPress so I could start playing around with the look of my website. I’d browse some free ‘themes’ (pre-designed ‘looks’ for websites) if I was tight on cash, or I might buy a high-quality one if I had the money. 

Find products on an affiliate network: Max Bounty

I’d head to an affiliate network website like Max Bount and start filtering through the products available. 

I would want to find a small number of them that I could see myself promoting.

Then you need to get the content.

Fill the website with relevant content: Helpful articles about weight loss

To fill my website with relevant and quality content, I’d either write articles about weight-loss myself or outsource this job to someone else, if I weren't much of a writer, I’d look at a website like Fiverr to find the talent I needed to get some quality content going. 

Promote your website: SEO, social media, advertising

There are a few things I could do to promote my website in the hopes of attracting more website visitors. For example, as I was adding content, I’d make sure I was doing at least a little basic search engine optimization (SEO). That’s a fancy way of saying I’d show search engines that my website was full of relevant information so that they’d display it in the search results when people enter certain weight loss topics. 

On top of SEO, I’d promote content on social media, and look into how email marketing or advertising could work for me too.

Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed: Take it One Step at a Time

It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the beginning because the whole process isn’t exactly small, but you will never have to try to do everything at once. You can take it one step at a time, and when you do, you’ll find it’s not so difficult to get the wheels moving. 

If anything, the extent of the process might prove that it definitely isn’t a scam, because a scam would disguise itself as a quick fix. 

Affiliate marketing is a real way of building your own business online, and a little hard work and time can lead to a solid online income. 

So don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to read everything straight away. It’s too much to take in all at once. The most important thing is just to get something actually happening.

Then you're ready to launch into affiliate marketing!

From that point on, your affiliate marketing site is a go! And you can start experimenting with themes to get different looks for your website. 



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